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A bit more about me

I am currently a part-time freelance software developer for Web- and iOS-Apps with a bachelors degree in Software & Information Engineering that I completed at the technical university of Vienna / Austria in 2012. For the rest of my work day I project lead and code a 3d sandbox voxel game named Vintage Story.
For the last 15 years I have been continously developing various kinds of websites and offline applications. I absolutely love coding! I also happend to be married to my wonderful wife Saraty. Together with our musical cat Leatty and first son Dorian we have a very happy relationship.


Besides programming, I enjoy reading historical articles, watch documentaries, occasionally answering questions on stackoverflow, following all kinds of technology related news, bake a tasty cake and occiasionally build basic furniture from wood. From time to time I also enjoy playing indie games, such as MinecraftClonkFTL or some old classics. I also do happen to play one musical instrument, which is the Didgeridoo.




Stuff I have experience with:

  • Design clean software architectures
  • MySQL Database Performance Optimization
  • PHP Security Audits
  • Webserver Setup and Maintenance
Hardware & Software:
  • 15+ years: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Regular Expressions
  • 10+ years: jQuery, HTML5, Java, Internet Protocols, Webserver Maintenance
  • 2-4 years: C, iOS Apps (Objective-C), C#
  • 1-2 yeas: 3D Graphics (OpenGL & GLSL Shader)
  • 1 year: Low level Programming (Assembler), Haskell


Spoken languages:

  • German (first language)
  • English (15+ years; regular use)
  • Latvian (basic Knowledge)